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    Tank Trouble Unblocked

    Introduction and rules

    Tank Trouble Unblocked Version 4.0 is an online arcade game where you can play either against a computer-driven tank named Laika or with up to two of your friends on a single computer (offline). The game screen is basically a maze with up to 3 tanks in it (in case you play with two of your friends); The rule is simple: you must navigate through the maze, grab weapon upgrades when they appear if you want, dodge or avoid others’ bullets and destroy the opponents’ tanks. The bullets you fire bounce off the walls so be careful not to destroy your own tank accidentally. The game counts the scores at the bottom of the screen. Tank Trouble Unblocked also allows a full-screen mode for an enhanced gaming experience.

    How do I play with my friends?

    When the Tank Trouble Unblocked loads, simply hit either “2 players” or “3 players”. You will be prompted with the controls for the players; at this point, the players must press their “fire” keys to proceed to the game. Here’s a breakdown of the control keys for three players:

    • Player 1: press “M” to fire, use arrow keys, “up, down, right and left” to navigate through the maze.
    • Player 2: press “Q” to fire, use “E”, “D”, “S”, “F” to navigate through the maze.
    • Player 3: use your mouse for navigation. Use left-click to fire. For navigation, when the cross and the circle are out of position, your tank moves.

    Mini Wiki of Weapon Upgrades in Tank Trouble Unblocked

    There are temporary in-game weapon upgrades which enhance your weapons and/or bullets and give you the advantage over your opponents. When they appear in the game, you will hear a sound. Then, all you have to do is to take it wherever it appeared and use the enhanced weapon. Remember, if used unwisely, i.e. fired in the direction of your own tank (as bounced off the walls), your tank might blow up instead of your enemy’s! Here are all the upgrades at your own disposal:

    Extra weapon upgrades in the game:

    • Dots in a circle sign give you a machine gun capability. When you take it and shoot, dozens of bullets will be fired in a short interval of time. Bullets quickly die out after firing.
    • Star sign allows you to shoot a powerful bullet which, when it hits a wall, blows up into multiple outward-charged smaller bullets which kill any tank around it.
    • “WIFI” sign gives you a rocket to fire. When you shoot a rocket, you control where it goes.
    • The Zigzag sign is basically a directed laser which also shows a trajectory before firing. It is a deadly weapon in the hands of a skillful tank gunner!
    • Three parallel rods sign is an even more directed laser gun than the Zigzag, it can even go through the walls.
    • Landmine sign is exactly what it says it is. It is a mine which blows up shortly after planted.

    Little tricks of the game:

    • To change the game mode, restart the page.
    • Try to play with all three players’ controls and choose whichever fits you best before challenging your friends. This could be a big advantage!

    Now, invite your friends and enjoy the game together!


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